Historically radiological technologists ware neglected, under privileged and discriminated comparatively other professionals of Bangladesh. So that establishing a professional society for the radiology & imaging technologists of all over the country was expected to all technologists but out of imagine and unplanned to formation it. The idea of a society was proposed at an unofficial discussion during the year of 2006, when some of the self influenced technologists were working for developing   a syllabus & curriculum of B. Sc. in radiology and imaging technology course under BSMMU. Md. Mofazzal Hossain, Md. Mujibor Rahman and Md. Shafiqul Islam were discussing in the department of radiology & imaging at BIRDEM about the developing process and problems of reforming syllabus and curriculum for graduate course. By this time Shafiqul Islam who is the prominent radiological technologist in Bangladesh suddenly proposed to form a professional society individually for the radiological technologists of Bangladesh. The primary objectives were to develop the professional knowledge and skills by promoting educational support and get together on every year for meeting with each other as same professionals. According to the informal discussion it was finalized that they will seat again with other senior and prominent radiological technologists in the Dhaka Medical college Hospital. It was 18th July 2006; many of the radiological technologists get together in the department of radiology & imaging at Dhaka Medical College Hospital. All of the participants were appreciated and delighted for taking initiative to form such like society for the radiological technologists. However, the name of the society” Bangladesh Association of Radiology & Imaging Technologists” was proposed by Md. Mofazzal Hossain and everybody supported this proposal without any debate. After finalization the name of the society a temporary committee was formed for organizing a general meeting to form fully a central executive committee. The temporary committee was formed with the convener- Md. Kamal Uddin and member secretary- Md. Mofazzal Hossain. After one month at 18th August 2006 the temporary committee organized a general meeting which was held in Institute of health technology, Dhaka. Huge number of radiological technologists ware attending the general meeting from all over the country. The participation of technologists ware unbelievable and out of imagine.  Huge discussion ware presented in fever of formation a professional society for radiological technologists. After discussion for a long time an executive committee ware declared with the president Md. Kamal Uddin and General Secretary- Md. Mofazzal Hossain. Bangladesh Association of Radiology & Imaging Technologists (BARIT) has been working with glory and looking forward to find out its destination.




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