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At the very beginning the professional practice of Medical Technologists (Radiography) was not attractive, efficient and appreciative in Bangladesh. Due to poor salary and little facilities some of our talented students were not interested to  take their carrier as a Medical Technologist (Radiography).But after the movement of 1989 Medical Technologist (Radiography) were evaluated by the government and upgraded their job status, salary and also social evaluation improved dramatically. After these changes a lot of talented students are now taking their carrier as a professional Medical Technologist (Radiography).  More than 1400 Medical Technologists are now working in the government and non government hospitals/ Clinics and diagnostic center all over the country. During the period of last 10 years  a lot of newer modalities such as- CT, PET CT, MRI, Isotope Imaging, CR, DR, CT angiogram, Nuclear Accelerator  has been introduced in the different government and non government organization in Bangladesh. On that regards the demands of high skilled technologist’s increased day by day, follow through the benefits, social evaluation, efficiency, and importance’s of Medical Technologist (Radiography) are raised very significantly.

Now a day the Medical Technologist (Radiography) of Bangladesh are playing a vital role for the radiological diagnosis of our patients to assure proper treatment. The financial benefits have been increased three times more than the previous period. The professional society of Medical Technologists (Radiography) has been established at 2006 for the first time in Bangladesh and the membership of ISRRT has been achieved at 2008. BARIT is now working for the development of professional knowledge skills and to create educational opportunities for the radiological technologist of Bangladesh. BARIT are also working to assure professional benefits and carrier development, to establish professional rights and to fulfill the professional requirements. BARIT is not alone now; ISRRT always helps and provides supports for developing professional activities. So that this is the best time to choose as a profession of Medical Technologist (Radiography) to develop a carrier in life.

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